Mailbox, Temporary Box Storage & Card Album

Mailbox and Giftbox System

Send messages to players afar or offline anytime by using mailboxes.
Every city or village has a mailbox placed to allow players to send messages, items and also Rupee. A small additional fee is applicable for each mail sent.


Gifts & Kafra item shop purchases can be received via the Temporary Box Storage. Gifts may include Kafra cash items gifted from friends or occasional event rewards & tokens.

Do note that the Temporary Box Storage is linked to each account and is shared among all characters of that account.

IMPORTANT:Items cannot be deposited into the Temporary Box Storage, therefore items retrieved from the Temporary Box Storage cannot be placed back in.

It is worth noting that some items retrieved from the Temporary Box Storage will be bound to your character permanently and cannot be traded to other players nor your own alternate characters.

Card Album

A bag can only carry a limited number of Items and will not be enough to store all your cards. Cards obtained throughout the game can be stored and used anytime from your Card Album.

A free 10 day Card Album is given to each new character as a welcome gift. Card Albums have a use period before they expire and will then be unusable to insert any further new cards collected.

Card Albums can be renewed or extend its expiry date (up to 1 year) by purchasing new card albums via the Kafra item shop.

When a Card Album expires, cards that remain inside will be left intact and will not disappear. Collected cards can still be retrieved from an expired Card Album but will not be usable to keep anymore cards from a player's bags. Renewing the card album will not overwrite or clear your remaining cards in an expired album.