Western Mjollnir Mountains (Elemento School)

Region Name Western Mjollnir Mountains (Elemento School
Type Field
Description A part of Mjollnir Mountains that divides Prontera and Ashkaron Empire in half. You will begin your journey starting from here. All four side are surrounded by mountains with beautiful and majestic forests.
Major Monsters Mastering, Eclipse, Overlooker Hornet, Dragon Fly, Vocal
Major NPCS Dean Billfrid, Monsterogy Teacher Gretel, Historiography Teacher Otillie, Military Teacher Prits, Milldwin

Eastern Mjollnir Mountains

Region Name Eastern Mjollnir Mountains
Type Field
Description A part of Mjollnir Mountains that divides Frontera and Ashkaron Empire in half. All four side are surrounded by mountains with magnificent flora and fauna of the land
Major Monsters Dawdler, Bell Wing, Farshe Secher, Watcher of the nature, Priest Reimond, Andanora King
Major NPCS Hans, Ballein, Kleindiana, Ivia, Aione, Eremes Guile


Region Name Culvert
Type Player Dungeon
Description Where all the wastewater from Frontera goes. It was designed for sewage disposal at the city planning phase. Very complex aqueduct is connected to all the housings in the city as well as the sewages beside the road. Be wary when entering here as many dangerous creatures lurk in dark corners
Major Monsters Golden Thiefbug
Major NPCS Examiner Kyle

Garden of Baphomet

Region Name Garden of Baphomet
Type Raid Dungeon
Description Place where Baphomet and his demonic subordinates resides. It was named as Garden of Baphomet after the Great Disaster when Baphomet fled from heroes settled in the place. Hidden in a dense forest makes it hard for commoners to enter.
Major Monsters Baphomet, Humbaba, Minotaurs Chung-I, Minotaurs Hong-I
Major NPCS Examiner Kyl


Region Name Prontera
Type Field
Description Capitol city of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom that rules the entire Midgard continent. Prontera is located in the North of the Midgard
Major Monsters
Major NPCS King Reinhard Geoborg, Queen Kamil Geoborg, Lissur Anailuj, Eremes Guile, Zeras Hyperion, Hans, Ballein, Kleindiana, Ivia, Aione, High Priest Edwin, Count Holgren


Region Name Arena
Type Raid Dungeon
Description "In Frontera Kingdon, a fighting competition is held regularly to pit fighters from all across the continent against fearsome monsters that haven’t been seen before and the warrior who defeats all monsters will fight against the champion of the previous competition. The champion of the competition receives a title ‘Einherjar”, the name of an ancient warrior who fought against the demons many years ago
Major Monsters Gearbaz, Entraion, Xeno Spider, Pertus, Vadon X, Vadon Z, Giant Driller, Lagan of Determination, Prana of Purification, Emuriel of Penetration, Embus of Ruin, Rosario of Bloodred
Major NPCS

South Plain

Region Name South Plain
Type Field
Description Several Mines are located in Frontera’s South Plain. It best shows the characteristics of oceanic climate west of Frontera. Warm and sunny thorough out all 4 seasons
Major Monsters General Poporing, Blue Meteor, Ramos, Crimson Lightning, Nimble Peco, Big eyes, Macetem, Gold Genius, Legendary Pecoracer
Major NPCS DR. Jacob, Jamie Holgren

Wolves Cave

Region Name Wolves Cave
Type 5 player party Dungeon
Description Den of the Rackufs, the wolves that eat rocks. Rackufs works in highly organized packs to take down prey so be sure to be on your guard
Major Monsters Adventure King Poporing, Araknoa, Red Scar
Major NPCS

Izrud Hill

Region Name Izrud Hill
Type Field
Description Izrud Hill is an old name for the area around Izrud. [Izrud village] was Frontera’s satellite city located in an island. But as the time passed, the ground beneath the sea rose and became land. When it was an island, Izrud was the transportation mecca for the continent, but after becoming a hill town, the lives of the villagers changed. Source of electricity changed from water to wind, and raising sheep in the meadow around the hill became the main source of their income.
Major Monsters Rudbeckia, Red, Nukaruka, Stone Predator, Mildew
Major NPCS Putaruta, Nisyutangka, Syangtirote, Homewatcher Leader Ditmus, Eremes Guile, Higashi

Temple of Sea God

Region Name Temple of Sea God
Type 5 player party Dungeon
Description An ancient temple deep beneath the ocean near Izrud. No one knows when or by whom this temple was created. Also a main habitat for mermen. Leviathan worshiped by mermen is on the alert for an opportunity to invade Izrud Hill.
Major Monsters Vadonvadon, Penomena, Big Medra, Leviathan, Vanuatu, Nukaruka
Major NPCS Putaruta, Nisyutangka, Syangtirote

Payon Forest

Region Name Payon Forest
Type Field
Description Payon Valley area where Payon village was located a long time ago, has well preserved and dense forest. It’s dark inside the forest even during the day because the trees block most of the sunlight. Payon village was vanished a long time ago due to the attack of Valkyrie Randgris and the great disaster happened on the day of despair. The deep buried ruins of the village emerged when the dimensional crack opened up.
Major Monsters Dospore, Masipore, OB bear, Toad king, Forest Leader, Anantia, Truffle King, Whirimzu, Witch Leira
Major NPCS Zeras Hyperion, Hans, Ballein, Kleindiana, Ivia, Aione, Grand Master Je-hoon, Olivier Graham

Secret Forest Tomb

Region Name Secret Forest Tomb
Type 5 player party Dungeon
Description Elders of the Payon were only allowed to enter Secret Forest Tomb, and it’s told that they hide the ancient knowledge inside the tomb. No one was able to enter here after the attack of the Valkyrie collapsed the entrance. But because of the effect from the dimensional crack, the ruins of Payon and also the entrance to the Tomb has emerged. What is the secret hidden inside this Tomb?
Major Monsters Mau Commander, Holang Mushroom, Crused Grave Flower, Evil Phantomfire, Sehee, Wolyahwa
Major NPCS

Arrogance’s Vanaheim

Region Name Arrogance’s Vanaheim
Type Player Dungeon
Description Dimensional crack found in the places plays a role as the connecting bridge between Vanaheim and Midgard continent. Arrogance’s Vanaheim was opened by Witch Leira who has the same power of Ymir’s heart as the hero. The other side of the crack is called Arrogance’s Vanaheim.
Major Monsters Reina of Arrogance
Major NPCS

Maple Forest

Region Name Maple Forest
Type Field
Description Maple Forest is famous for its colorful trees all throughout the year. Red and yellow leafs fallen from Maple trees makes the beautiful scenery. All the people who visit here tells “It’s like a heaven filled with amber and rubies”.
Major Monsters Ambrosia, Farmer Carlos, Killer Mantis, Gremlin Fear, Basilroka
Major NPCS Village head Seo, Hero Doose, Hero Sonrein, Hero Raindy, Hero Via, Miss Lady, Milldwin, Eremes Guile

Fury's Vanaheim

Region Name Fury’s Vanaheim
Type Player Dungeon
Description Dimensional crack created by Gedenhard’s researchers after many failures. The other side of this dimensional opening is called Fury’s Vanaheim
Major Monsters Ruler of Fury
Major NPCS

Abandoned Laboratory

Region Name Abandoned Laboratory
Type 5 player party Dungeon
Description Building known to be the laboratory for the Lichtarzen a long time ago.Freyjanities excavated it and using the facility as research lab for their evil causes.
Major Monsters Kiel MK-Ⅱ, Invincible Venom, Gedenhard
Major NPCS

Divided Plain

Region Name Divided Plain
Type Field
Description A large plain that’s divided with a deep crater called ‘Scar of Despair’. It’s told that the ‘Scar of Despair’ is a trace of Valkyrie Randgris’s spear. Strange , insect like beings called ‘Hellbugs’ resides in this place. Even though the Hellbugs are very aggressive, their exoskeleton made from chitin is extremely expensive, so many hunters form groups to hunt them to be sold.
Major Monsters Lone Traveller, Lone Traveller, Tyrant Rush-Tank, Tyrant Rush-Tank, Sumani
Major NPCS Reidin Kerse, Hero Doose, Hero Sonrein, Hero Raindy, Hero Via, Miss Lady

Hell of Deadly Poison

Region Name Hell of Deadly Poison
Type 5 player party Dungeon
Description Hell of Deadly Poison can be entered from a small cave deep inside the Scar of Despair. It’s where many of the beasts resides. Reidin Kerse mentioned in his report that fearsome beasts are endlessly coming out from deep inside there. From the trembling tone of his voice, we could only assume that there could be something else other than just beasts.
Major Monsters Venomer, Huge Centipede, Ungoliant
Major NPCS Reidin Kerse


Region Name Alberta
Type Field
Description Commercial trade Port where the Merchant Alliance is located. 10% of all the commerce in the Continent is distributed from the Port. Autonomous Province. Traders and merchants all around flock to Alberta to trade their wares.
Major Monsters
Major NPCS Lord Grupazh, Trade Master Onasis

Verta Delta

Region Name Verta Delta
Type Field
Description Verta Delta boasts the best scenery and the environment with the combination of the dam, forest and emerald color ocean. Villagers here are trying to develop the shoreline into a resort, but the sudden appearance of ghost ship and the wreckage is making the town disturbed.
Major Monsters Captain Dagda, Titan Arum, Baikal, Pikuring, Manmanderu, Coastal Outlaw, Rabstang, Penzer
Major NPCS Trade Master Onasis’ Researchers (Renin, Cotler, Barmudi)