Christmas Event 2013

December 18th, 2013

Merry Christmas Asgardians,

This coming festive season, there will be lots of holiday themed costumes and consumables available for gift exchange. All you have to do is to complete a series of holiday quests and collect the  Lutie Snowflakes to exchange for the reward items.

The Christmas Event will starts on 19th December 2013 until 16th January 2014.

To start the Christmas Event, look for NPC Dasher, who is located inside Prontera City.

As you progress through the quests, you will be rewarded with Lutie Snowflakes, which you can exchange for Lutie Ice or Ice Santa from NPC Rudolph.

Exchange List
5 x Lutie Snowflake exchange for 1 x Lutie Ice
100 x Lutie Ice exchange for 1 x Ice Santa

Here's your chance to exchange for the Christmas Tree Costume from NPC Stray Fairy.


That's not all! There will be 2 Khara quest available for you to complete and receive special Khara Title effect.

Khara Title Challenge: Carole

Player will have to complete the chain quests provided by NPC Dasher. Once completed, you will receive the Khara Title: Carole.


STR +12
AGI +12
INT +12
WIL +12
VIT +12

Hidden Khara Title Challenge: Miracle

In order to unlock this hidden Khara Title Challenge, you will need to have 2 x Ice Santa in your inventory.

Once you have 2 x Ice Santa in possession, talk to NPC Stray Fairy to unlock the hidden Khara Title Challenge quest.

Click and accept the series of quests and you will will rewarded with the Hidden Khara Title Challenge: Miracle.

STR +28
AGI +18
INT +27
WIL +12
VIT +42

1) During the event period from 19th December 2013 to 16th January 2014, the above mentioned 2 Khara Title will have 2x the set effect.

Khara Title: Carole
▪ +24 STR
▪ +24 AGI
▪ +24 INT
▪ +16 WIL
▪ +36 VIT

Khara Title: Miracle
▪ +56 STR
▪ +56 AGI
▪ +54 INT
▪ +24 WIL
▪ +84 VIT

After the end of the event period on 16th January 2014, the Khara Title will be reduce back to normal 1x set effect.

2) We have also taken note that there is a minor description error for both the above mentioned Khara Titles. The end of 2x set effect will ends on 16th January 2014 and NOT 23rd January 2014 as stated in the game Khara description.

Kindly take note of this so as to avoid any confusion with the end date of the Khara Title Challenge.

Don't miss this opportunity to end the year with great Khara Title effects and we hope you will enjoy this Christmas Event with your family and friends.

Have a great festive season and Happy Hunting!

-RO2 Administrator.