(Updated) Costume Fusion System

October 31st, 2013

[Update as of 31st Oct 2013]

Bumped up as a reminder.
[Update 1st October 2013]

Dear Asgardians,

To mitigate confusion in regards to this system, a new Mini-Guide has been created under the info section of our website.

Link to Mini-Guide
Dear Asgardians,

The highly anticipated Costume Fusion System has finally arrived!

You can now get a a NEW costume with rune sockets by combining 2 costumes that doesn't contains any rune sockets together.

Here's how the Costume Fusion System works.

The following UI will appeared after you have clicked on the Fusion Tablet.

When you insert in 2 items, for example, an Angel Costume   and a Devil Costume  together, you will see the following UI inside the Costume Fusion System.

Click on the combine button and you will receive a new costume with random number of rune slots.

Items that can be used in the Costume Fusion System

▪  Costume Fusion Tablet

 Rune Maintain Slate

▪  Appearance Maintain Slate

For more information on the Appearance Maintain Slate and Rune Maintain Slate, please refer to the following link: http://ro2.playpark.net/post/appearance-maintain-slate-and-rune-maintain-slate/

Important Notes (updated as of 14/03/2013, 1530hrs)

▪ Only Permanent Cash Costume can be used in the Costume Fusion System.
Once combined, the costume will result with random number of rune slots (0 - 3 slots)
▪ Costume Fusion System can only be activated with Costume Fusion Tablet.
▪ To maintain the current appearance of the costume you choose to combine, you will need a Appearance Maintain Slate.
▪ To maintain the rune within the costume, you will need a Rune Maintain Slate.
▪ Once the 'Random' button is ticked, a random costume will be given out.
▪ Once a costume has been combined, it is impossible to retrieve back the previous costume.
▪ Players are advised to double-check their costumes before combining as there is no way to retrieve back the combined costumes.
▪ No appeal will be looked into for players who have accidentally combined a wrong costume.

Important Notes (updated as of 12/07/2013, 1300hrs)

▪ Appearance & Rune Maintain Slates cannot be used in conjunction as only 1 selection would be presented.
This is to maintain the rarity of costumes.

Thank you.

-RO2 Administrator.