EXTENDED LEVELING TIME! Like Us on Facebook for Free RO2Cash!

December 21st, 2012



Updated event detail: http://ro2.playpark.net/post/token-of-appreciation/



Dear Asgardians,


Thank you for your awesome support so far for our “Like Us for Free RO2Cash” Campaign!


We have heard your feedback about the time required to hit Level 10, and are happy to announce that we are extending the number of days for you to reach Level 10 when Open Beta starts on 27th December 2012!


*Changes are in bold.

Gathering Facebook “Like”s

Open Beta

Server Maintenance

24-Hour Cash Shop Opening Sale

19th December 2012
1800hrs (+8 GMT)
26th December 2012
1200hrs (+8 GMT)


27th December 2012
(Server Opening Time to be Announced Later!)


30th December 2012
0859hrs (+8 GMT)

We are giving you two more days to hit Level 10!


30th December 2012

0900hrs (+8 GMT)

1000hrs (+8 GMT)

30th December 2012

1001hrs (+8 GMT)

31st December 2012
0959hrs (+8 GMT)



To recap the contest mechanics, we are rewarding you with FREE RO2CASH to be spent in the 24 Hour Cash Shop Opening Sale during Open Beta, just for getting your friends to “Like” the Ragnarok Online 2 Facebook fan page!



Number of “Like”s Achieved


55,000 "Like"s

1,000 RO2Cash per Account with at least ONE Level 10 character.

75,000 "Like"s

2,000 RO2Cash per Account with at least ONE Level 10 character.

100,000 "Like"s

5,000 RO2Cash per Account with at least ONE Level 10 character.


The higher the number of “Like”s we get, the more RO2Cash each of you will receive in your account! So do get busy once the game servers open on 27th December 2012 so you can receive your RO2Cash three days later!


NEW Contest Details:
*Changes are in bold.


  1. The RO2Cash prize will be awarded to ALL players who log in during Open Beta  from 27th to 30th December 2012, and who have at least a Level 10 character as of the cut-off date on 30th December 2012, 0859hrs (+8 GMT).
  2. User RO2Cash top-up will not be available from 27th to 30th December 2012, 0959hrs (+8 GMT).
  3. Each eligible player account will only receive the RO2Cash prize once. The RO2Cash prize amount is dependent on the number of Facebook “Like”s garnered.
  4. The RO2Cash prize applies to PlayID and Facebook accounts. If players have at least a Level 10 character in the PlayID and also in the Facebook account, they will get maximum 2 x 5,000 RO2Cash in total. RO2Cash is not transferrable from PlayID to Facebook accounts, and vice versa.
  5. The RO2Cash prize will be credited to eligible player accounts during a 1-hour server maintenance from 30th December 2012, 0900hrs to 1000hrs (+8 GMT). Players can start spending their RO2Cash after the game service resumes.
  6. Any unused RO2Cash will be wiped on 31st December 2012, 0959hrs (+8 GMT). Players are advised to spend their cash before that time.
  7. All Cash Shop items will be available for purchase on 30th December 2012, at a special opening sale price. The items will be revised to their regular prices on 31st December 2012, 1001hrs (+8 GMT).
  8. Cash Shop items purchased during the 24-Hour Cash Shop Opening Sale will not be wiped. Players will be able to enjoy the Cash Shop items purchased until their various expiry dates. Cash Shop items will be non-tradable.


Happy leveling and shopping, and happy holidays!

-          RO2 Administrator


Terms and Conditions:


  • This contest is only open to Ragnarok Online 2 players.
  • Participants will need to sign up for a Ragnarok Online 2 game account, either through PlayID or Facebook.
  • Participants must have at least a Level 10 character in their account – be it PlayID or Facebook account – to qualify for the 5,000 RO2Cash.
  • Participants will get a maximum 5,000 RO2Cash per account. RO2Cash amounts credited depend on the number of Facebook “Like”s garnered as of the cut-off date of 26th December 2012, 1200hrs (+8 GMT).
  • Players who use hack, or post offensive, sexual, abusive representations on our websites or social network accounts, etc. will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.
  • Decision of the winners is final and Asiasoft Online reserves the right to modify or the event and its terms without prior notice.