IGN Reservation Level LOWERED!

December 12th, 2012

Dear Asgardians,

A huge and sincere “thank you” to all of you who participated in our Ragnarok Online 2 Closed Beta from 7th to 12th December, 1100hrs to 0200hrs (+8 GMT). We truly appreciate your support and patience through this period, as Closed Beta is a delicate time of bug testing and server stress testing for improvements to be made in Open Beta.

By playing Closed Beta and sharing the issues you’ve faced, you’ve made a significant contribution to the improvement of the game!

We will be closing the server on Thursday, 13th December at 0201hrs (+8 GMT) to fix the bugs and issues encountered during Closed Beta, so you will have the smoothest possible experience with logging in and playing Ragnarok Online 2 during Open Beta and beyond.

Before we end Closed Beta, we are happy to announce that the level requirement for the IGN reservation programme will be LOWERED, from Level 25 to Level 10!


IGN Reservation for Closed Beta Players – Level LOWERED

We are pleased to offer IGN reservation to all players who joined us for Closed Beta (7th - 12th December 2012) and who have hit a minimum of Level 10!

Don’t forget to return to Ragnarok Online 2 during Open Beta (27th December 2012) to activate your reserved IGN!


Terms and Conditions:

l  IGN reservation only applies to one character that has reached Level 10.

l  Only the IGN of the Highest Level character in your account will be reserved.

l  If more than one character shares the highest level, only the IGN of the character with the Highest EXP will be reserved.

l  If more than one character with the highest level shares the same/equal amount of EXP, only the IGN of the character with the Earliest Creation Date will be reserved.

l  If players do not activate their reserved IGN 60 days from our Open Beta date (27th December 2012 - 27th February 2013), the IGN will be deleted from the 61st day onwards.


We thank you once again for being a part of our launch and hope to see you in Open Beta on 27th December 2012!


-          RO2 Administrator