Keep Your RO2 Account Safe with @Key for Open Beta!

December 19th, 2012

Dear Asgardians,
While we are waiting for the Open Beta of Ragnarok Online 2 to start on 27th December 2012, do consider getting your very own Asiasoft @Key to protect your game accounts and in-game valuables!

The @Key is a compact, keyring-size digital generator that generates @Key Pins, which are required to login to your PlayID, Asiasoft Passport, and to your various game accounts.

This little device provides a double layer of security, to further secure your digital assets.

Don’t leave your hard-earned in-game items in Ragnarok Online 2 unprotected! For more information on how to get the @Key, please click here.

Happy (and safe) gaming and see you in Open Beta!


- RO2 Administrator