2nd Monster Summoning System Update

August 28th, 2013

Dear Asgardians,

Introducing our newly revised Monster Summoning System! With the upcoming 2nd set of Monsters for our existing Summoning System, the current Summoning System has been revamped to minimise the impact of having additional new summons added to it's list.

▪ Monster Summon Cooldown has been changed from Percentage based (%) to absolute numbers.
▪ Monster Summon Max Level has been changed from Percentage based (%) to absolute numbers.
▪ Additional 82 New Monsters have been added to the Monster Summon List

Result of Changes
Effectively the following occurs

Previously Attained 100% (Max level 4 summon || 30 seconds cooldown) 
▪ If you have already attained 100% on previous Monster Summoning System, you will not be adversely affected by the new patch.

Have not Attained 100% (Max Level 4 Summon || 30 Seconds Cooldown)
▪ With the new system and addition of more variety of summons, you can now obtain the max level of summoning & cooldown by gathering summons of your choice.

List of new Monster Summoning

Below are the list of new monsters summoning which are available after the implementation of the 2nd monster summoning update.

Abyss Devourer Hell Venom Bug Giant Worm Lurker Fly Sandy
Ancient Worm Dostoev Gold Creamy Manderu Poporing
Andre Earth Worm Golden Familier Marinesphere Rabong
Charming Ramort Maya Golden Robberbug Entraion Centipede
Aromine Executer Attacker Guri Maya Purple Rat Master Cramp
Researcher Mechanical Vadon Hellbug Worker Executer Meister Baphomet Junior
Darkness's Apostle Humbaba Megalodon Rock Star Hero Feral Barbaro
Horrible Faceful Imverse of Ruins Merem Rocklem Bigfoot
Feartus Juliana Russil Mini & Mongi RSX-0807 Bomberring
Flying Thiefbug Kelberop Minotaurs Chung-I Savage Bebe Cokatrice
Fraud Thiefbug Keobi Minotaurs Hong-I Sehee Country Mouse
Gangster Mau Kiel MK-II Mustapa Shellob Cyaton
Gearbaz Kobugi Nukaruka Solomian Dark Priest
Elder Gedenhard Kuroring Pagan Stainer Deadly Poison
Giant Driller Leviathan Pertus Strange Freyjan Baphomet
Tau-rin Turtle Assasin Vadon Chief Vanuatu Xeno Spider
Zadorak Zealot

Update as of 29th August 2013, 1155hrs (+8 GMT)

Hi Asgardians,

We have received feedback from the CMs and players from the forum and on our Facebook page that they are confused by the new and the old monster summoning system.

Therefore, we have summarized up the comparison of the system mechanic between the Original Monster Summoning mechanic and the New Monster Summoning mechanics below in hoping that all Asgardians will have a better understanding of the new and old monster summoning system.

Original Monster Summoning Mechanics

Completion Rate Cool Down(in Sec)
0 to 9% 120
10% to 19% 110
20% to 29% 100
30% to 39% 90
40% to 49% 80
50% to 59% 70
60% to 69% 60
70% to 79% 50
80% to 89% 45
90% to 98% 40
99% 35
100% 30

NEW Monster Summoning Mechanics

Collection Amount Cool Down(in Sec)
0 to 10 120
11 to 21 110
22 to 32 100
33 to 43 90
44 to 54 80
55 to 65 70
66 to 76 60
77 to 87 50
88 to 97 40
98 and above 30

We hope with the new comparison table, players will have now a clearer understanding of the new Summoning System.

Thank you and Happy Hunting!

-RO2 Administrators.