Open Beta Extended to 3rd Jan 2013

December 28th, 2012

Dear Asgardians,


Ragnarok Online 2 was scheduled to kick start its Open Beta on 27th December 2012. However, due to overwhelming response from players, we experienced staggeringly high traffic that resulted in severe website and server congestion. Subsequently, many players were regretfully unable to access the game.


We are truly and deeply apologetic to each and every one of you for the various problems that many of you have faced during the start of Open Beta, especially to our players who were not able to enter the game at all. We know that you have set aside time and effort to join us, and we apologise that our issues prevented many of you from doing so.


We have been listening intently to all your feedback and are committed to resolving all these issues to get the game back up and running smoothly. However, in order for us to do this, we have to reschedule Open Beta to 3rd January 2013 and we have to wipe all character data accumulated from 27th December 2012 to 3rd January 2013, before the game servers reopen for a fresh start.


We know that this decision will anger and upset many of our treasured players, and while we earnestly wish to cater to every single player’s wants and needs, our top priority remains in stabilising the game servers  so that all Asgardians can enjoy it, and being as fair as possible to the majority of our players who were not at all able to access Open Beta on 27th December 2012. We seek your rational understanding of our very difficult decision and hope that you will accept our gravest apologies.


From today until 3rd January 2013, we will be performing occasional stress tests on the game servers and the game will be open sporadically for players to enter. Even though the data will be wiped, you will be playing an important part of supporting and helping us prepare Open Beta by joining us in these stress tests when you are able to. For that, we sincerely thank you in advance.


We wish you all a Happy New Year as we express our gratitude towards your understanding, patience and kindness during this period. Thank you and see you in January!



Sherman Tan
Chairman of Asiasoft Online and PlayPark