“R” “O” “II” Icon Collection

January 4th, 2013



Dear Asgardians,

To celebrate the start of OBT, "R" "O" and "II" icons will be dropped by random monsters killed from 3rd to 17th January 2013.

Each full icon set collected can be used to redeem a The Chance Coupon. These coupons can then be used to exchange for special gifts from our event NPC Irmumoa Arotu. located in Prontera City in front of the auction hall!

Event Date: 3rd January 2012 - 17th January 2012

Full Set of "R" "O" "II" Icons:



The Chance Coupon:


Terms and Conditions:

  • The "R" "O" "II" icons will drop from random monsters only from 3rd to 17th January 2013.
  • In order to redeem The Chance Coupon, players need to have a full set of icons consisting of 1 x "R", 1 x "O" and 1 x "II" icon in order to proceed with the coupon exchange.
  • The Coupon Package Box contains a RANDOM gift, NOT all 3 items (3 Explorer Red Potions,/3 Explorer Blue Potions,/1 Dye) as shown below:




Number of coupons:



2 Coupons Coupon Package Box (random chance of getting: 3 x Explorer Red Potions,/3 x Explorer Blue Potions,/1 x Dye):
3 x Explorer Red Potions (Random)
Explorer Blue Potions (Random)
Dye (Random)
6 Coupons 3 x Spinel Repair Kit
10 Coupons 3 x Pump It Up Hard Pill

Happy hunting everyone and good luck collecting all the icons!