Ragnarok Online 2 is HERE!

December 5th, 2012

In 2002, GRAVITY CO., released Ragnarok Online, the groundbreaking MMORPG that revolutionised the gaming industry and captivated more than 58 million players from across the globe.

Years later, ASIASOFT ONLINE and GRAVITY CO., are proud to present the blockbuster follow-up, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second! It's FREE-TO-PLAY!!!

A whole new world of excitement awaits you in this 3D-rendered adventure! Journey through beautiful fields and dungeons, and battle alongside with your trusted comrades. New battle systems, new monsters and several other new game features await you!

Can’t wait to experience Ragnarok Online 2? Closed Beta runs from 7th December 2012 to 12th December 2012, at these scheduled hours:

Date Start (GMT+8) End (GMT+8)
7th December 2012 1115 hours 0200 hours
8th December 2012 1100 hours 0200 hours
9th December 2012 1100 hours 0200 hours
10th December 2012 1100 hours 0200 hours
11th December 2012 1100 hours 0200 hours
12th December 2012 1100 hours 0200 hours

To turn up the heat of this long-awaited launch, we have tonnes of exciting and thrilling events, not to mention many amazing prizes to be won! Be the first to mingle and interact with our GMs as well. See you in the game!

Calling All Asgardians!


Thank you for your support!

-RO2 Administrator