Token of Appreciation & Free RO2Cash Contest Dates Revised

January 2nd, 2013


Dear Asgardians,

In light of our new Open Beta date on 3rd January 2013, we would like to sincerely thank all players who have supported us through the preparation period and also for participating in all the stress tests conducted to improve the game server stability and additions of the new world Jormungand.
For all your effort and support, we wish to extend a few gifts to you as a token of our appreciation!


Tokens of Appreciation

5,000 Free RO2Cash
For every verified PlayID account or Facebook account with at least ONE Level 10 character by 6th January 2013, 0259hrs (+8 GMT)

Thank You Pack

5 Explorer’s Purple potion
5 Remote Storage scroll
1 Spinel
2 Butterfly wings

For every verified PlayID account or
Facebook account that participated in:

Closed Beta from 7th to 12th December 2012


At least one Stress Test held from 28th to 31st December 2012



And not to worry – your RO2Cash rewards have not been forgotten! We have revised the contest dates and details for the “Like Us for Free RO2Cash” Campaign” as follows:



Open Beta

Server Maintenance

24-Hour Cash Shop Opening Sale

Actual Cash Shop Opening & Top-Up Available

3rd January 2013
1300hrs (+8 GMT)


6th January 2013
0259hrs (+8 GMT)

6th January 2013

0300hrs (+8 GMT)

0959hrs (+8 GMT)


6th January 2013

1000hrs (+8 GMT)

7th January 2013
1004hrs (+8 GMT)

7th January 2013

1030hrs (+8 GMT) onwards

This is the time period where players can reach at least Level 10 to get the free RO2Cash.

NOTE: Please verify your PlayID account at if you haven’t already!

This is when your free RO2Cash will be credited in your verified account.

This is when you will get to spend your free RO2Cash on items that you get to keep till they expire.

NOTE: Cash Shop items and price during this time are not final.

This is when you can start topping up @Cash and converting it to RO2Cash, and when all the actual Cash Shop items will be available for purchase.



Free RO2Cash Reward Details:
Updated from the “Like Us for Free RO2Cash” Campaign” - changes are bolded:


  1. The RO2Cash prize will be awarded to ALL players who log in during Open Beta  from 3rd to 6th January 2013, and who have at least a Level 10 character as of the cut-off date on 6th January 2013, 0259hrs (+8 GMT).
  2. User RO2Cash top-up will not be available until 7th January 2013, 1030hrs (+8 GMT).
  3. Each eligible player account will only receive the RO2Cash prize once.
  4. The RO2Cash prize applies to verified PlayID s and Facebook accounts. Players using PlayID are urged to verify their accounts before the Server Maintenance as scheduled above. If players have at least a Level 10 character in the PlayID and also in the Facebook account, they will get maximum 2 x 5,000 RO2Cash in total. RO2Cash is not transferrable from PlayIDs to Facebook accounts, and vice versa.
  5. The RO2Cash prize will be credited to eligible player accounts during a 1-hour server maintenance from 6th January 2013, 0259hrs to 1000hrs (+8 GMT). Players can start spending their RO2Cash after the game service resumes.
  6. Any unused RO2Cash will be wiped on 7th January 2013, 0700hrs (+8 GMT). Players are advised to spend their cash before that time.
  7. Certain Cash Shop items will be available for purchase on 6th January 2013, at a special opening sale price. The items will be revised to their regular prices on 7th January 2013, 1030hrs (+8 GMT).
  8. Cash Shop items purchased during the 24-Hour Cash Shop Opening Sale will not be wiped. Players will be able to enjoy the Cash Shop items purchased until their various expiry dates. Cash Shop items will be non-tradable.


We thank you all for your patience, support and understanding while we prepared for Open Beta, and we hope you have a great time playing and shopping!

- RO2 Administrator


Terms and Conditions:


  • This contest is only open to Ragnarok Online 2 players.
  • Participants must have at least a Level 10 character in their account before 6th January 2013, 0259hrs (+8 GMT) – be it PlayID or Facebook account – to qualify for the 5,000 RO2Cash.
  • Participants will get a maximum 5,000 RO2Cash per account.
  • Players who use hack, or post offensive, sexual, abusive representations on our websites or social network accounts, etc. will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.
  • Decision of the winners is final and Asiasoft Online reserves the right to modify or the event and its terms without prior notice.