Abuse Policy

Updated as of: 28th January 2014

The following policies will be implemented as of 7th December 2012. Users found violating the policies will be penalized in accordance to the violation.

Important: Players are advised to safe-guard their own personal accounts as they are responsible for any actions conducted through the use of the respective accounts. Accounts that have been caught for illegal activities will be subjected to the stipulated relevant penalties as stated, irregardless of the user whom had accessed the account at the time of the violation.

Offenses First Penalty Second Penalty Following Penalty
Prohibited IGN 3 Days Suspension Permanent Ban
Bug Exploitation/Glitch 7 Days Suspension + Full wipe on the ill gained benefits obtain via bug / glitch Permanent Ban
Impersonation 3 Days Suspension Permanent Ban
Misconduct 3 Days Suspension 7 Days Suspension Previous duration doubled, up to a maximum of 30 days
Illegal Trading/Services 7 Days Suspension Permanent Ban
Request/Selling/Advertising of Hack Tools or Services 30 Days Suspension Permanent Ban
Hacking/Botting 30 Days Suspension + Inventory Reset + Penalty Fee Permanent Ban
Account Hacking 30 Days Suspension + Inventory Reset + Penalty Fee Permanent Ban
Scamming 14 Days Suspension + Full wipe on the ill gained Permanent Ban
False Report 7 Days Suspension Permanent Ban
Disobey/Disregard/Lies/Harass GM and/or Challenge GM's Authority 3 Days Suspension 7 Days Suspension Previous duration doubled, up to a maximum of 30 days

Recognizing GMs

Whisper messages from GMs will also appear in Yellow Broadcast Text on your screen.
Alternatively they may also carry the above symbol on top of their character

Fulfil the Game Master's request throughout the duration of inspection

During the period where a Game Master is conducting patrol or inspections, all players are required to co-operate and respond correspondingly. Those who fail to do so, may result in the suspension of their account.
If any official Game Master request for any appropriate response from the player, he or she must respond to it. If the official Game Master did not receive any appropriate or acceptable response within the inspection period (includes returning back to town or logging out from the game based on the situation), the player would be suspected of using unauthorized third party program and will be suspended based on the abuse policy. There will be no Appeals to this claim.

Note: Official Community Moderators or Game Moderators will never ask for your Account ID and Password.


▪ Permanent ban refers to permanent suspension of the offending RO2 game account.

▪ Mute refers to prohibiting the usage of the Communication channels which include Public Channels (Public, Trade, Party).

▪ Investigation Suspension denotes the suspension of the suspected RO2 game account for investigation by the developers or Administrators.

▪ Penalty Fee: Offenders may opt to reactivate their RO2 account after serving their mandatory ban. This can be done by topping up 3000 @Cash x rounded-up figure of their highest level character in their account and REQUIRED TO CONVERT TO RO2Cash.


▪ During any ban period, players will not be able to access the offending RO2 game account in any way. Players will not be able to login into their PlayID. No refunds or reimbursements will be made for any @Cash, RO2Cash or items left within.

▪ Duration items which may expire while player is serving said suspension or investigation will not be refunded or reimbursed.

▪ Gold and items removed will not be reinstated under any circumstances.

▪ Any evidences provided by player will only be used as a platform to kick start investigations. By no means, Asiasoft will implement any punishments based solely on it.

▪ GM(s)/CM(s) reserves the right to sentence players who may be interrupting their designated tasks, operations or disruption of public peace with up to a 3 Days Mute after a Verbal Warning.

▪ You may not take advantage of any glitch in the game for unjustifiable benefits. If found guilty, Asiasoft & Gravity reserves all rights to execute any form of penalty on the offending character including Permanent Suspension to protect the general interests of other players. The level of suspension would be weighted on the level of said offense. In the cases of such suspensions, no compensation of any form will be made to the player.

▪ Player who feels that the ban issue is unfair and wish to view the evidence must pay a deposit of SGD$150.00. This deposit will be refunded to the players if they are found to be innocent. Players who fail to give a valid explanation will have their deposit forfeited. Viewing of evidence will be arranged and notified by email. Payment must be made beforehand.

▪ Evidence viewing is only available within 14 days upon the date of suspension.

▪ Any disputes among players are sole responsibility of players. Asiasoft will not mediate in personal conflicts between users within the game. Such conflicts/issues/disputes should be resolved by the players involved in a mature and appropriate manner. If the matter gets out of hand, the Game Masters reserves the right to either suspend both parties or remove the item(s) & Zeny if it is the cause of the dispute.

▪ A case is only valid if the issue occurred within 60 days. Any case reported for an issue outside this time period will not be entertained. This is to ensure that fresh and accurate information will be used to ensure the accuracy of investigations & judgment.

▪ Once a case is closed, it will not be re-opened again.

▪ All GM decisions are final and binding in the game.

▪ Appeals will not be entertained.

▪ Asiasoft & Gravity reserves the rights to suspend a player for investigations or penalties without any prior notice.

▪ Asiasoft reserves the rights to amend the abuse policy without any prior notice.

▪ For offenses that are not mentioned above, the penalties will be handled as deemed fit by Asiasoft.

Prohibited In-Game Names (IGN)

Offences under inappropriate IGN include but not limited to:

▪ Impersonation of GM/Admin/Asiasoft names
▪ Sexual context
▪ Obscene body organs
▪ Vulgarity or otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion
▪ Drug/Narcotic references
▪ Action phrases or complete sentences such as “Youwillnotsurvive”, “killme”.
▪ Names that is or may be illegal or is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights laws
▪ Names reference hacking such as “haaacker”, “goodbotter”
▪ Names that make no sense or created to confuse other users with letter masking such as “0liveOlL”, “lksdjflij”. (i.e. switching “i"s for “L"s and zeros for the letter “o”).
▪ Names that comprised of gibberish (eg., “sdfdgdsfg”, “uy45tfgsdf”)
▪ Names that comprised of characters other than English alphabet
▪ Names from any religious, occult, political origin
▪ Otherwise inappropriate

Exploitation of Bug/Glitch

A form of cheating in which a character exploit the flaws/bugs repeatly in the game to achieve something that is not intended by the game developers.

Additional penalties for exploitation of bug/glitch includes:

Dependent on severity of the case and impact of the exploit, on top of the suspension imposed on the offending character, the following additional actions may be imposed by the Administrators.

▪ Full wipe on the ill gained benefits obtain via bug / glitch

▪ Escalation into Permanent Suspension for severe cases.

Penalty for usage of prohibited IGNs.

First time offence:

Account will be suspended until the account owner verifies and a time will be set to release the account. Upon release, the owner is given 24 hours to change the character name or delete the character. Failure to so will result the account to be penalized under the second offence.

Second time offence:

Permanent Ban.

▪ 1st Offence = 3 days suspension
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Ban


Any attempt to pass off or falsely represent any of the Administrative staff (e.g. GameMasters, Admin, Asiasoft) towards other players.

Penalty for impersonation include: 

▪ 1st Offence = 3 days suspension
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Ban


Used generally for any unpleasant behavior that is shown to irritate another person with ill intention.

Such Behaviour includes but not limited to
- Spamming Obscenities via Whisper or Mail Box
- Hounding or disrupting the peace of others.
- Obscene gestures

Penalty for Misconduct include: 

▪ 1st Offence = 3 days suspension
▪ 2nd Offence = 7 days suspension
▪ Following Offences = Previous applied Duration Doubled, up to a maximum of 30 days.
(Eg. 7 days > 14 Days, 14 Days > 28 Days, 28 Days > 30 Days)  

Illegal Trading/Services

Buying, selling or/and advertising of items for monetary purpose. Items include, but not limited to:

▪ Game gold
▪ Game items
▪ Game related point(s)
▪ Game coupon code(s)
▪ Game account

Illegal Services included:

▪ Illegal service (Power Leveling, Gold/Items Farming).
▪ Hosting/Publishing/Organizing/Advertise groups in any form to provide Power leveling, Gold/Item farming or any action that can bring imbalance to the game.

In addition, such illegal activities are not desirable in RO2 as sellers and buyers will be solely responsible for their actions. There is no mechanism to ensure the exchange is fair and will be carried out entirely.

Penalty for Illegal Trading include:

▪ 1st Offence = 7 days Suspension
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Ban + Suspension of PlayID

**Appeals will not be entertained.

Players will not be able to access the offending RO2 game account in any way during the ban period. Players are required to re-activate their restricted PlayID before they can access to their offending RO2 game account after the ban period.

Accounts caught Selling Zeny will have the following additional penalty applied

▪ Removal of up to 80% of all Zeny or till 50,000 zeny on all Characters whichever is higher.

▪ Items caught involved in illegal trading would be removed.


Modification of the game client or usage of 3rd party programmer to gain unfair advantage in game.

Offences under hacking include but not limited to:

Usage of third-party applications, memory editors, trainers or debuggers (or otherwise commonly termed as, hack tools) in altering the Game, Game Service, or Game Client in any manner whatsoever, which may, or may not, lead to an unfair advantage in the game play, and over other players. This also includes the act of bypassing, halting or modifying any form of authorized protection system deployed during the execution, and running, of the Game, Game Service, Game Client and HackShield, in manner whatsoever.

Penalties for hacking include, but not limited to:

▪ Request/Selling/Advertising of Hack Tools, or Services = 14 days in-game suspension is applicable for advertising even outside of RO2. (For 2nd time offenders, it will be a permanent ban)

▪ Suspected Usage of hack tool = Suspension up to a maximum of 30 days for investigation

▪ 1st Offence = Penalty Fee + 30 days suspension + Mandatory Inventory Reset
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Suspension

If the user finds that the penalties are too heavy, it is a reminder that these are the consequences for hacking, and cheating, in the game. Do not hack or cheat.

Asiasoft Online places a very important emphasis on fair play as it is essential in the gaming community.

▪ All GM decisions are final in the game as adequate evidence would be gathered before the decision is being made.
▪ Appeals will not be entertained.
▪ Items once removed, will not be reinstated under any circumstances.

Account Hacking

Entering a game account without authorized permission from the original owner. All users are strongly advised to refrain from sharing of accounts due to security reasons. There will not be any reimbursement available if items, gold, or RO2Cash points lost in this manner.

Penalties for Account hacking include, but not limited to:

▪ Suspected hacking activities = Suspension up to a maximum of 30 days for investigation

▪ 1st Offence = Penalty Fee + 30 days Suspension + Mandatory Inventory Reset
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Ban

▪ All GM decisions are final in the game as adequate evidence would be gathered before the decision is being made.
▪ Any items/Zeny obtained through hacking would be removed.
▪ Appeals will not be entertained.
▪ Asiasoft Online is not obliged to compensate item loss for account hacking. It is ultimately a players’ own duty to safe-guard their accounts.


Scamming refers to the act of cheating someone out of their possession(s).

Penalty for Scamming include:

▪ 1st Offence = 14 days suspension + Penalty Fee + Removal of said gains.
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Ban

▪ Asiasoft is not obliged to compensate item loss through acts of scamming, players holds responsibility to ensure the security of their own items.

▪ For a Valid Claim of this offence, a video which shows the beginning of the trade conversation, agreement of trade, both players sharing a party up till the player going offline. The case will be placed in pending for 72 hours. Upon 72 hours maturity period, if the issue has yet to be resolved, the report will be processed as a legitimate case and penalties will be applied.

False Report

Any attempt to gain possessions or valuables (items, RO2Cash, etc) from Game Masters or Administrators through trickery and deceit.

Penalty for False Report include:

▪ 1st Offence = 7 days suspension
▪ 2nd Offence = Permanent Ban

Disobey, disregard, lie, harass GM and / or challenge GM’s authority

GM may appear during in-game events to interact with players, run events and may require response from the players. GM may also contact players in-game or request players to execute a chain of commands as part of security and investigation purposes. GM hopes that all players give their fullest cooperation and act upon the orders as and when requested by the GM.

Offences include but not limited to:

Cheat GM

Players are advised not to abuse the trust that GM has placed in all players. Should anyone found to attempt to cheat the GM or abuse the trust, offence will be recorded and acted upon accordingly. Offenses include, but not limited to, misleading GM on purpose, false reports, providing false information or have bad intentions against the GM.

Disobey or Disregard GM commands

GM may interact with players from time to time and may request players to execute a chain of commands. Players should follow the commands of the GM accordingly, for example, the GM may ask a series of questions to test if the player is botting)

Harass GM

Refers to players who continuously seeks GM's attention even though their issues have been resolved, that results in GM being unable to attend to other players' reports. If a player repeatedly spams GM with unnecessary information, requests or harassing for help repeatedly on issues that have been resolved, GM will ask the player to stop, and if the player continues with the action, it will be deemed as harassment.

Challenging GM's authority

Refers to actions by players that challenges or discredit the GM’s authority, or hurl verbal abuse at the GM, whether in-game or offline. Such actions are strictly prohibited. If players do not obey instructions, follow the rules, they may face account suspension.

Penalties for Disobey, disregard, lie, harass GM and / or challenge GM’s authority

▪ 1st Offence = 3 days suspension
▪ 2nd Offence = 7 days suspension
▪ Following Offences = Previous applied Duration Doubled, up to a maximum of 30 days.(Eg. 7 days > 14 Days, 14 Days > 28 Days, 28 Days > 30 Days)